The Information Services E-learning Group is responsible for creating and maintaining the Nexus website with input from people across other areas in Aberystwyth University. Staff and students who have queries relating to technology-enhanced learning can contact us at

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The E-learning Group has also presented papers at a number of conferences.  We are:

Kate Wright, BA, MA, CMALT
E-learning Manager

E-learning Advisor


Robert Francis, BA Hons, PGDip, PGCE
E-learning Support Officer
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Kate has been working in the field of e-learning since 2003 and in that time has been involved in developing the use of a number of e-learning tools and systems, including Blackboard, Qwizdom and online assessment. She has been involved in the implementation of the institution’s E-learning Strategy, Benchmarking and Gwella projects. Kate has an interest in e-assessment and lead the rollout of Questionmark Perception. She has presented papers at a number of conferences including the  Questionmark Perception Users Conference (2009 and 2011) and the Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference (2010 and 2012). Kate holds CMALT status and has acted as the chair of the Blackboard Wales User Group. Mary Jacob specialises in the pedagogy of e-learning. In 2013, she was awarded the AU Learning and Teaching Fellowship. She has been E-learning Advisor since 2006, developing and delivering training sessions in the use of technology to enhance learning. She has played a key role in projects such as Aber Academy, AU Exemplary Course Award, HEA e-learning benchmarking, HEFCW Gwella, JISC Building Capacity, and Techdis HEAT4Wales. She has presented at conferences including HEA Future Directions, Blackboard Teaching and Learning, the Association for Learning Technology, e-Assessment Association, and the UCISA Innovation Forum. Prior to coming to AU, she was a lecturer in Chinese at UC Davis, where she developed online materials for her classes. Robert joined the E-Learning team in 2015 as the E-Learning Support Officer. As part of this role he supports staff and students in using Blackboard, Panopto Lecture Capture and Questionmark Perception. He has worked in customer support for a number of years as a member of the IT Support Desk and has a background in teaching.

Lauren Harvey, LLB (Hons), PGDip
E-learning Assistant
Sue Ferguson
E-learning and Training Assistant
Lauren has been working in the field of e-learning since 2013.  

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