Qwizdom In-class Voting System

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Image of Q4 Qwizdom handset

Qwizdom is an interactive voting system that is used in conjunction with PowerPoint presentation software to enhance interaction in lectures or seminars.  Some ideas for use include:

  • Providing quick quizzes throughout the lecture or seminar to test the students' understanding of the concepts discussed
  • Assessing students' prior knowledge when introducing a new topic in lecture
  • Posing questions to be discussed in small groups, who then report back through the handsets
  • Collecting feedback on a lecture or module
  • Providing a test at the end of a unit of work to gauge understanding before moving onto new material

The Qwizdom Good Practice Guide provides information about possible uses of Qwizdom as well as a comprehensive good to creating slides and running a presentation using it.

View the Qwizdom Good Practice Guide (Fersiwn Cymraeg)


Information Services has four sets of Qwizdom with a total of 118 handsets. This  helps facilitate the use of Qwizdom for larger classes and multiple concurrent bookings. The equipment was purchased with assistance from the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund and specifically targetted large-group teaching. 

Each set has a carrying case with either 26 or 30 regular handsets, two Q5 handsets (with text input), one control hub, and printed documentation. Staff may borrow one or more sets, depending on class size. Please note that if you are using several sets of handsets with one hub, you will have to change the session ID on some of the handsets. Instructions are included in the carrying case.

The Qwizdom Actionpoint software is already installed on the teaching computers in centrally timetabled rooms, but you will also need it on the computer you use when creating your presentations. You can download the software from the Qwizdom website at http://qwizdom.com/support/actionpoint/

Mini Kits

We also have a Mini kit available which contains the following:

  • A USB hub
  • Two handsets
  • A copy of the Good Practice Guide

This Mini Kit is available to loan from Information Services as detailed below and is ideal to take back to your office to help develop and test slides before use.

Booking equipment

The booking procedure is as follows:

  • Email is@aber.ac.uk including the date(s) and time you wish to use the equipment and how many sets you wish to use. If you have any special request outside of this range, please include that information. In order to maximise availability, please plan to pick up and drop off the equipment as close as possible to the time you will actually use it. You will receive a confirmation email with information about collection etc.
  • Pick up the equipment from the Enquiry Desk in the Hugh Owen Library Level D and return it there when you have finished and drop it off there when you have finished. Please note that there is a charge of £35 if you require delivery, set-up and collection of the equipment.
  • If you encounter any problems with handsets, such as flat batteries or other malfunction, please email is@aber.ac.uk. For any questions about booking, please contact is@aber.ac.uk.

Support and training

We can provide you with support for both the technology and teaching applications of this system. See the Qwizdom Good Practice Guide  (Fersiwn Cymraeg) for a quick guide to getting started with the technology as well as initial suggestions on what you might use it to accomplish in your teaching. Training is available for academic staff in a number of ways, including one-to-one guidance and group workshops. The Resources section is another source of pedagogical support, with academic articles and case studies of how this tool is used in other institutions.

A set of PowerPoint slides that contains instructions for students on using the handsets is available for download. You can incorporate the slides into your own PowerPoint presentation.

A report on Qwizdom usage was presented at the Learning & Teaching Excellence and Enhancement Conference  on 7 April 2009. Download the presentation.

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