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Digital video offers opportunities to enrich your students' learning through the use of media. Both Legria and Flip digital camcorders are available through IS Media Loan Stock. Aberystwyth University staff can use the online video editing tool, WeVideo, free of charge after they register on the CADARN Learning Portal website. This allows you to create videos from any computer, without being required to have special software. Full instructions can be found below.

In order to support the use of digital media, the E-learning Group offers a training course and good practice guide.

legria_00.jpgA range of documentation is available:

  • WeVideo for online video editing - available for Aberystwyth University staff, follow these steps (or see CADARN's helpsheet on registering):
    • Go to CADARN Learning Portal and register to create an account using your Aber email
    • Log in and request to join the Aberystwyth University group
      • To edit using WeVideo, log in to the CADARN Learning Portal, hover the cursor over your name, and click WeVideo from the drop-down menu
      • See WeVideo Academy for short video clips showing how to use WeVideo
  • Software available for staff use in the Aber Academy Media Lab: English  / (awaiting Welsh translation)
    • Adobe Premiere Pro - professional editing, try this tutorial from Adobe
    • Camtasia - screen capture and video editing, view these video guides from TechSmith

If you or your students are using digital media - whether audio, video or still image - that feature someone as a subject, you should acquire that person's permission before making the media visible to others.  Please use the Data Authorisation Form below for getting permission from your subjects:

Please also see our bookmarks in Delicious for video, media, and the Flip camera.

One of the most useful external sites is JISC Digital Media. We encourage you to explore their good practice guides for effective recording of lectures and interviews, as well as general good practice and technical how-to in capturing moving images, still images, and audio.

You can borrow the Flip camera from Information Services Media & Sales, and also request material put onto the streaming server. More information is found on the IS Equipment Loan page.

Please also see the resources page in Nexus for digital media.

Using WeVideo to edit video clips online

WeVideo is only available for use by Aberystwyth University staff. There are two steps you need to do: register on the CADARN Learning Portal and then join the Aber group.

  • Register on CADARN Learning Portal
    • Go to and click “Register” in top right hand corner.
    • Complete “username” and “email address”, using your Aber email address. You don’t need to complete the other sections. You will receive an email asking you to complete registration.
    • Click on the link in the email that you receive and choose a password. 
  • Join the Aber group
    • Go to, log on and click “Request Group Membership”.
    • Select Aberystwyth University and click the Request Membership button. This will send me an email asking me to approve your group membership. You will receive an email after you have been approved. 

Once you have joined the Aber group, you can use WeVideo by logging onto the CADARN learning portal and clicking the WeVideo link. All of your editing files will be stored on the WeVideo site, so you do not need to worry about keeping track of your project files (images, audio clips, video clips etc).It will all be there whenever you log onto CADARN, regardless of where you are!

The WeVideo Academy help page has loads of clips showing how to use WeVideo 

Use of Video for Language Classes

Mary Jacob has put together a list of free resources that provide digital materials for teaching. This documentation was originally put together for a workshop about video activities in Modern Foreign Languages, but would be helpful to anyone interested in using video materials.
Download: pdf | Word document

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