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 DepartmentSchool of Education and Lifelong Learning
 Member of staffAntonio Barriga Rubio
 Date9th October 2010

The Modern Languages section of Lifelong Learning ( part of the School of Education and Lifelong Learning, SELL) organised a Workshop for all Languages teachers on October 9th. The title of the workshop was The use of Video and Video Related Activities in the Language Class.

People at the workshop
To organise this Workshop we had the full cooperation of Information Services, especially from Mary Jacob, e-learning advisor to the University.  Mary has also put together a list of resources that are a great help when developing something like this.  You can find them here: pdf document | Word document

We discussed the use of video in the Language class, its importance and place in the class; we had several suggestions on what to do with video in the language class, how different skills could be involved in the learning process; how video activities could help with competence and confidence in the target language; ways to include the students in the creation of video activities, and the need for them to be involved.

People at the workshop
It was a very interesting first part (the theory) of the workshop. In the second part (practice) we planned a simple activity using Camstudio, a screen capture software. For this, we had a simple tutorial, followed by hands-on session. The groups worked and produced six activities. What we thought that was going to be a very short activity, took a very long time, because the participants were very engaged in the preparation and production of the video, preparing the activities very well and getting used to the software.

People at the workshop
On a third part of the workshop, we had planned to edit the Screen captures, or edit other videos, but unfortunately we didn’t have time. We will be editing videos using simple programmes such as Videopad in the second term.
For some the workshop opened up a new world of ways of teaching: during the workshop we used podcasts (podomatic), Wordle, Prezi, Audacity and Camstudio; some were apprehensive, but now they have many ideas about using video in the class, they can now make their lessons more interesting and also more rewarding for the students, more fun.

If you are interested in using videos, or video related activities (screen captures, prezi, etc) for your classes (it doesn’t matter what subject you teach), go and check our webpage and get some ideas:
There you can find a full account of the workshop, and you can leave comments.

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